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Welcome to Aquarian Music Witch: The Podcast!

Jane Bonis—also known on social media as the Aquarian Music Witch (AMW)—is a Philly-based musician, witch, and philosopher on a journey through the realms of spirituality, music, politics, and beyond. In each episode, Jane invites you into their world, where the mystical meets the melodic. Whether diving into personal musings or engaging conversations with captivating guests, this podcast serves as a sanctuary for curious minds and free spirits.

Episodes Explore:

Spirituality: We talk awakening, divination, alchemy, magic, and energy… and navigate the complexities of these mystical concepts, including issues of whitewashing and appropriation that can obscure or even negate their truth. This podcast embraces a hopeful philosophy that honors magic while also critically examining it, and debunks common skeptical critiques that themselves may be entangled in colonization, to offer a nuanced philosophical understanding of these profound spiritual dimensions.

Music: Jane brings an extensive education in the field of music, including multiple graduate degrees and hours of written and released original music, to the table as we discuss how societal structures estrange us from our own musicality and discourage us from realizing that our music is magical. This podcast encourages us to reclaim our own musical energy, and gives practical advice for doing so.

Philosophy: We explore the depths of knowledge, meaning, and the divine, guided by principles of semiotics, intersectionality, and critical theory, among other frameworks. This podcast invites listeners to ponder life's deepest questions from diverse philosophical perspectives.

Politics & Beyond: We navigate through intersections of politics, society, and spirituality, offering unique perspectives and critical analysis. Drawing inspiration from thinkers like Audre Lorde, Kimberle Crenshaw, Michel Foucault, and Judith Butler, among many others, and in light of the transformative potential of the Age of Aquarius, we explore the interconnectedness of these elements that shape and influence our world.

With a blend of introspection, wisdom, and a touch of magic, Aquarian Music Witch: The Podcast is your guide to an eclectic, thought-stirring journey. Tune in for a symphony of ideas and a magical brew of enlightenment.

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